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We can check the condition of your battery and within a few minutes give you advice on what options you have. Batteries need to be checked on an annual basis to ensure:

  • Your vehicle is getting the optimal boost when starting
  • Ensuring your car remains free from breakdown
  • Keeps your car running in extreme periods of cold weather

Faulty or old batteries are one of the most common reasons for vehicle breakdown in the UK. So why not ensure your car or van is ready for anything with our FREE Battery Check?


One of the most important functions inside of your vehicle are it’s brakes. Many accidents happen each year due to ineffective brakes which is why we offer a FREE Brake Check. This ensures that your vehicle is able to brake efficiently and keep you and your family safer on the roads.

Our Brake Checks only takes 45 minutes. We will explain what condition your brakes are in and advise you on the best solution for you.


Your suspension works in-conjunction with your tyres and brakes to ensure you have a smooth journey on the road. Over time you’ll start to notice that the ride in your vehicle changes. A common factor here is your shock absorbers which are becoming worn.

Here are some facts you might not be aware of

  • Worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 metres to your braking distance;
  • Gradual wear may not be noticeable until your suspension/shock absorbers brake;
  • Your road handling will become ineffective if your suspension/shock absorbers are worn.

You if you are noticing any change in the way your vehicle handles, is bumpy over normal roads or you haven’t had your suspension checked for a while then why not call into to see us? We’ll look over your vehicle and give you a honest view of what the problem could be.


Have your vehicle checked in Cardiff

If you service your vehicle on a regular basis and to the manufacturers guidelines then you may think that you don’t need your vehicle checking. Having your vehicle checked every 4 to 6 months will ensure that it is operating in perfect condition. Depending on the number of miles you do in a year will also determine how often you should have your vehicle checked over.




You can call us directly on 02920 464677 or feel free to email us below.


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City Service Centre Cardiff MOT Testing Station, Vehicle Service, Diagnostics
City Service Centre Cardiff MOT Testing Station, Vehicle Service, Diagnostics
City Service Centre Cardiff MOT Testing Station, Vehicle Service, Diagnostics

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